Sunday, May 31, 2009

And she's Six

We asked E2 what she wanted to do for her birthday, and she chose Legoland. The last time we were there was during Stuntman's leave. It was Saturday, so of course, it was open.
For a Saturday, the crowds were completely bearable. I can't handle the crowds at Disneyland. It's tough to stand in line for 45 minutes for a 2 minute ride with three small kids. Legoland had lines today, but nothing crazy. We were able to go on everything that we wanted except one of the new rides that had a 45 minute wait. I purchased the tickets at the school's silent auction recently, so it wasn't as expensive as it could have been. It's one of those "spend money to save money" things.
We picked up a flat of strawberries on the way home. The strawberries from roadside stands in California are so delicious, nothing like what you can buy at a grocery store.
E1 is making the birthday cake for tomorrow. No big party, just E2's uncles are coming over for cake after mass and breakfast in the morning.
E2 was so excited about her birthday last night. Stuntman and I were snuggling on the sofa watching TV a little after midnight last night when E2 wandered out of the bedroom. She said "it's my birthday" with a big smile. I guided her back to bed and chatted with her for a little bit before she went back to sleep. I can't believe that she is 6 already.

A couple days ago I was in the ER checking to see if I had broken a bone. ( I had not, just badly bruised and swollen)
While there, I flashed back to an ER trip that I had when I was 4-5 months pregnant with E2. I had a little spotting and a friend brought me in to be evaluated. (Stuntman was out of town at the time). While I was waiting to be seen, I hemorrhaged. A. Lot. I remember seeing "D&C?" written on the board at the nurses station next to my name. The doctor sent me home after evaluating me and I was to come back in the morning for another evaluation. He said that there was a 50%+ chance that I would lose the baby during the night and prepare myself for that. I bled for about a week until the placenta healed.
I'm going to go give E2 a kiss on her forehead right now as she sleeps.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Thank You

"A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself"
Joseph Campbell

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Before and After

Here are the Before and After photos of the house.
We absolutely love the final result. Due to the structure of the house in certain areas, we needed to modify the design here and there but the end result works perfectly!
The soapstone countertop is beautiful. Soapstone is a little different and took a little to get used to, but the pros so far outweigh any cons. Others may have other opinions, but hey, it's my kitchen. For example... soapstone is softer than granite. it scratches pretty easily. Most scratches disappear with a touch of mineral oil. Bigger ones can just be sanded away. It may be softer than granite, but it is less porous. That is what sold me on soapstone in the first place. Non-porous means no bacteria hiding in microscopic holes on the surface. It means no stains. So far the following items have not stained the countertop (some experiments were accidental, others not) ; bleach, paint, coffee, wine, berries, glue, vinegar. All without needing to seal the countertop with some nasty chemical sealer.







Saturday, May 9, 2009

Unaccompanied trip

I enjoyed my Mother's day gift today. I didn't ask for much. All I wanted is whatever the girls brought home from school in secrecy and a couple hours to go to the mall... alone.
I had a Macy's gift card that I received when I attended the Ellen show about a week ago. Who knew that they were also having a sale today? Apparently everyone else did. The place was packed and I spent more time in line than I did shopping. It was early in the day and the entire mall was packed! This mall has recently finished ANOTHER major add-on... and it is still packed. Recession... really?
Anyhoo... I found some fancy high-heels and some fat-squishing undergarments to accompany my little black dress that I plan to wear to an upcoming event. I also found two cute summery shirts on the clearance rack. I had $7 left on the $100 gift card, so I picked up an acrylic pitcher that will be perfect for margaritas by the pool. I spent less than $7 out-of-pocket, whew!
Now I can go another 12-24 months without stepping foot in a mall. I can't handle it. It would be bearable if it was empty... but I don't think it ever is.

My kitchen is basically finished, just waiting for crown moulding. Pictures will be uploaded as soon as the finishing touches are complete. I absolutely love my new kitchen/dining/living room. It is very functional... plus it it exactly my style.

Did you know that black or brown photo frames are a fraction of the cost of white ones? I didn't. Ten white wood photo frames in various sizes would have cost me around $100, but the same frames in black, plus paint, cost only $40.