Sunday, March 15, 2009

A runner

Yesterday was E1's first track meet. She's wanted to join track since kindergarten and she seems to really enjoy running. The coach spoke to me how he sees real potential in her and how he is looking forward to how she progresses. The other coach also gave great compliments about her "mind of a long-distance runner". It seems that her downright stubborn side and determination is paying off now. It was a mock meet, so kids were able to enter as many races as they wanted and it was very relaxed. She ran the 800, easily. As 8th graders ran past the finish line out of breath and exhausted, she ran past the finish line (not far behind them) as if she had just ran to the mailbox and back, not a half mile! She also ran the 100, 200, 400, and the 4x400 relay. E1 definitely does not take after me. I only run when chased.


Buck said...

I only run when chased.

LOL! That's me, as well! But good on E1. It's a great good thing to be fit.

The Mrs. said...

I run when there is only one soda left in the fridge and I see flyboy headed that way!

Congrats on E1's first of many meets!

Kasey said...

I am glad to hear that she enjoys running so much!

I enjoyed running when I was in middle school. Alas, I got my father's knees and can't quite run the way I used to.