Sunday, September 6, 2009

Volcano, or pyrocumulous cloud?

I was going through my video camera and forgot all about the quick video I shot of the Station Fire in L.A. last Saturday.
This is my first video upload to the site, why not.
At the end, you can hear E1 ask me if we are evacuating. I say "maybe".

On another note... our usually squirrel-free backyard is full of squirrels, dozens of them. Usually, there is only that one obese squirrel that eats every last almond on the almond tree.
The squirrels escaped the forest,
where are the coyotes, deer and mountain lions? Remind me not to go for walks by myself around the neighborhood.


Leslie said...

scary scary stuff. Stay safe!
Thanks for the idea for the gold coins from the post office for the teeth. What a great idea and I am sure the kids will think it is cool!

Buck said...

Wow... scary stuff, indeed. I'd have been hitting the road right after putting the video camera down! Thanks for sharing that, Susan.