Tuesday, December 16, 2008


The time between posts has been stretching.
It's been a bit busy around here and it seems as if the one moment that I have a chance to type up a quick post, that is the exact same time that E3 has decided that pbskids.com has the perfect game. I really cannot believe how computer-savvy that little kid is. It is so fun watching him click-around like a tiny computer geek.
My paying job has been extremely busy. My backup person, hence, I am her backup as well, is on vacation for a couple weeks. Add in the end-of-the-year-sales-crush, and I have been BUSY. But, ya gotta make hay when the sun shines, doncha know.
I listen to podcasts as I type, and last night I ran out, so I listened to music instead. I heard songs that I listened to on my trip to California to marry Stuntman. (it was on a walkman, not an ipod at that time) After 13 years, he still makes my heart flutter.
I also listened to songs that I played a lot during the deployment. It seems like ages ago.
I cannot believe how happy I am with my life right now. The anticipation for Christmas is as strong as it was when I was a child. Not because of what I'm hoping to see under the tree Christmas morning, but because we are all here as a family.
I feel so very blessed.

There is snow on the local mountains, only a couple hundred feet above us. We can see it from our windows. It is suppose to be even colder tonight, and I am hoping that the precipitation that we receive overnight is in the form of snow.
If so, the kids will be late to school. It's not as if there are a lot of snow days here in Los Angeles.
I hope to post pictures tomorrow of newly fallen snow and kids on sleds. fingers-crossed.

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Buck said...

I cannot believe how happy I am with my life right now.

Good for you, Susan! And I'm sorry there wasn't any snow last evening. We've yet to have any that's stuck down this way. We have had lotsa flurries, but it's gone by the time it hits the ground or soon thereafter.