Sunday, December 7, 2008

I have half a mind to write a nasty letter to the Hershey's CEO

the Kiss. Tasty, but not addictive. Did they need to mess with the original?!?!
Now they have all of these other flavors.
Candy Cane... tasty
Cherry Cordial... very tasty
Coconut... waaay too good
Now, I just had a few dozen of the Cheesecake flavor.
COME ON!! They are freaking delicious!!


The Mrs. said...

cheesecake? how have I missed this?

Butterfly Wife said...

I haven't seen coconut or cheesecake. Good thing too. Otherwise, I might be writing that letter with you.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah...those cheesecake ones. And the cherry cordial ones?!? *swoon*

No Christmas ham necessary, just give me a bag of those and maybe some peppermint candy canes and maybe some chocolate covered cherries.

ABW said...

I haven't tried those yet, maybe I should steer clear. I don't like the plain ones, but if it has flavors......

Caroline said...

If you are having problems with the cheesecake ones stay away from the peanut butter ones! They are more delicious than reese's cups!