Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ice Skating

I broke my rule of venturing anywhere near Old Town Pasadena around the New Year. It wasn't horrible or overcrowded yet when we arrived, but was beginning to get a bit crazy when we left at noon.
The girls and I went ice skating. It's been a few years since E1 and I went last, and E2 has never gone ice skating. I don't think that hockey will be in her future. She had fun, but I am going to have sore muscles in the morning from "helping" her around the ice. E1 did well and had fun with several girls her age that she had met at vacation bible school last year.
It's over 60 degrees outside, but I'm chilled to the bone. I am such a weather wimp from living in SoCal so long. I hope this hot tea helps.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

It is almost Christmas.
According to NORAD, Santa is almost here.

Stuntman arrived home from work just in the nick of time to attend Christmas vigil mass.
I have a few things to finish tonight for the morning, but nothing like last year.
I really have no idea how I did everything last year and held it all together emotionally. I must have been on auto-pilot or something.

For the first year since we have been married, we are staying home for breakfast on Christmas morning. In the past, we drove the 20 miles to Stuntman's mother's home to open presents and have breakfast. For the last 12 of the 13, I have done all of the cooking for everyone. Not this year. We are staying home and enjoying our time together. It just isn't the same down at the "family house" since my mother-in-law passed away 2 years ago. A couple siblings still live there, but I believe the tradition is over. We'll catch up with most of the extended family later in the day.

I feel so blessed to have my family here with me all under one roof.
My prayers go out to all of you that are separated from your loved ones now.

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sleds and snowballs

We drove a few minutes to the snow today. We hit a few "Road Closed" signs and had to change our route, but eventually we hit a good place with untouched snow.
We knew the area well (it's a great little dirt-biker place that we used to frequent) and we drove off-road for a 1/2 mile or so to the perfect place. E3 wasn't interested in sledding. He was content throwing snowballs at everyone and building a snowman.
The girls, on the other hand, loved sledding down the hill. The hill was steep, so I went first.
It brought back a lot of memories. As a child, I would go sledding almost every day in the winter. All I needed was a heavy frost. I don't think that I've ever mentioned the time that I hit a frozen cowpie with my face. I had abrasions all over my face, but I was still glad that it was frozen and not fresh.
Today was different. The snow was deep (but not too deep) and just the right combination of fluffy and sticky.
Great memories were made today.

Friday, December 19, 2008


In 3 hours, 25 people will be here for my annual Christmas cookie party.
To Do:
2. Make Frosting
3. find sprinkles
4. Shower
5. Take seeds out of pomegranate to garnish pomegranate martinis
6. bake the brie
7. Arrange tables, etc.
8. scan for and remove any poop in the back yard

Gotta get moving!!

*end of day update*
I finished everything :)
Everyone had a good time and I have a ton of cookies now.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

No Snow

Nada, nothing, no rain, no snow overnight.


But it is COLD and WINDY

*update at 1:30 pm*
GIANT flakes are coming down between rain drops right now
whoo hoo!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


The time between posts has been stretching.
It's been a bit busy around here and it seems as if the one moment that I have a chance to type up a quick post, that is the exact same time that E3 has decided that has the perfect game. I really cannot believe how computer-savvy that little kid is. It is so fun watching him click-around like a tiny computer geek.
My paying job has been extremely busy. My backup person, hence, I am her backup as well, is on vacation for a couple weeks. Add in the end-of-the-year-sales-crush, and I have been BUSY. But, ya gotta make hay when the sun shines, doncha know.
I listen to podcasts as I type, and last night I ran out, so I listened to music instead. I heard songs that I listened to on my trip to California to marry Stuntman. (it was on a walkman, not an ipod at that time) After 13 years, he still makes my heart flutter.
I also listened to songs that I played a lot during the deployment. It seems like ages ago.
I cannot believe how happy I am with my life right now. The anticipation for Christmas is as strong as it was when I was a child. Not because of what I'm hoping to see under the tree Christmas morning, but because we are all here as a family.
I feel so very blessed.

There is snow on the local mountains, only a couple hundred feet above us. We can see it from our windows. It is suppose to be even colder tonight, and I am hoping that the precipitation that we receive overnight is in the form of snow.
If so, the kids will be late to school. It's not as if there are a lot of snow days here in Los Angeles.
I hope to post pictures tomorrow of newly fallen snow and kids on sleds. fingers-crossed.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

I have half a mind to write a nasty letter to the Hershey's CEO

the Kiss. Tasty, but not addictive. Did they need to mess with the original?!?!
Now they have all of these other flavors.
Candy Cane... tasty
Cherry Cordial... very tasty
Coconut... waaay too good
Now, I just had a few dozen of the Cheesecake flavor.
COME ON!! They are freaking delicious!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

I didn't know

Did you know that when pepper spray is used on someone inside a building, the droplets can linger around for some time?... and your eyes burn?
note to self #1: never do anything that would cause me to be pepper-sprayed
note to self#2: Only go to the market in that part of town in the morning, when the hoodlums are still sleeping