Saturday, May 23, 2009

Before and After

Here are the Before and After photos of the house.
We absolutely love the final result. Due to the structure of the house in certain areas, we needed to modify the design here and there but the end result works perfectly!
The soapstone countertop is beautiful. Soapstone is a little different and took a little to get used to, but the pros so far outweigh any cons. Others may have other opinions, but hey, it's my kitchen. For example... soapstone is softer than granite. it scratches pretty easily. Most scratches disappear with a touch of mineral oil. Bigger ones can just be sanded away. It may be softer than granite, but it is less porous. That is what sold me on soapstone in the first place. Non-porous means no bacteria hiding in microscopic holes on the surface. It means no stains. So far the following items have not stained the countertop (some experiments were accidental, others not) ; bleach, paint, coffee, wine, berries, glue, vinegar. All without needing to seal the countertop with some nasty chemical sealer.








Buck said...

Wow. GREAT work... and I'm oh-so-envious! (in a good way, of course) :D

The Mrs. said...

BEAUTIFUL! Granted I didnt have to live thru it but it looks like it was worth it all!

ABW said...

It's absolutely beautiful!!!! Screw what anyone else says, you did a GREAT job and can now sit back and enjoy your new kitchen. What time is dinner? :)

Ann M. said...

looks amazing! yay!!!

Sara said...

Wow, that was a huge rennovation! looks awesome.