Saturday, May 9, 2009

Unaccompanied trip

I enjoyed my Mother's day gift today. I didn't ask for much. All I wanted is whatever the girls brought home from school in secrecy and a couple hours to go to the mall... alone.
I had a Macy's gift card that I received when I attended the Ellen show about a week ago. Who knew that they were also having a sale today? Apparently everyone else did. The place was packed and I spent more time in line than I did shopping. It was early in the day and the entire mall was packed! This mall has recently finished ANOTHER major add-on... and it is still packed. Recession... really?
Anyhoo... I found some fancy high-heels and some fat-squishing undergarments to accompany my little black dress that I plan to wear to an upcoming event. I also found two cute summery shirts on the clearance rack. I had $7 left on the $100 gift card, so I picked up an acrylic pitcher that will be perfect for margaritas by the pool. I spent less than $7 out-of-pocket, whew!
Now I can go another 12-24 months without stepping foot in a mall. I can't handle it. It would be bearable if it was empty... but I don't think it ever is.

My kitchen is basically finished, just waiting for crown moulding. Pictures will be uploaded as soon as the finishing touches are complete. I absolutely love my new kitchen/dining/living room. It is very functional... plus it it exactly my style.

Did you know that black or brown photo frames are a fraction of the cost of white ones? I didn't. Ten white wood photo frames in various sizes would have cost me around $100, but the same frames in black, plus paint, cost only $40.

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Buck said...

Happy Mom's Day, Susan!

I, for one, think a packed mall is good news, recession-wise (as you noted)... but I most certainly share your aversion to 'em.