Thursday, August 27, 2009

What to do

What do you do when you're stuck in the house all day because it's 100+ degrees outside, and smoky, and there is ash falling from the sky?
Make cake pops with little lifeguard teddy bears on them for E1's upcoming swimming banquet.

Once again, there are fires burning in SoCal. Thankfully, the winds are low so the firefighters have a chance to do what they do best.
It's been quite an airshow today with big fixed-wing water dropping planes flying overhead. We watched the helicopters take turns slurping water from the pond to drop onto the flames. It was a constant rotation of helicopters pausing only to refuel.

At this time, numerous homes are being evacuated.
Of course, Stuntman is out of town for a couple weeks. I'm staying awake as much as possible in case the wind does pick up. After last year's fires, I know how quickly fires can move. This one is MUCH closer than last year's... once again, the reason I am planning to stay awake as much as possible tonight.


Buck said...

Aiiieee. Good luck, Susan. I hope the fires stay far, far away from you and yours. Great photos... even tho the circumstances under which you got them are terrible.

Susan said...

The fire has been behaving, although still out of control. No winds to speak of so it looks like we're safe. It'll take time for the fire to burn itself out.
I'm much more relaxed this evening since I don't see a red glow along the ridge.
Thanks for the well-wishes.

Buck said...

Good news, that. Red glows should be limited to sunsets. :D