Monday, October 13, 2008

Wind and smoke

As you may have heard, there is a nasty fire in my area. The wind is horrendous. We had pomegranates, branches and small animals hitting the side of the house all night.
The Marek Fire that was barely smoking by the end of yesterday, flared up overnight.
I have a friend that lives right in the area that has been evacuated. It has been reported that homes have been destroyed in that area as well. I have not been able to reach her since yesterday. If you pray, please keep her, her family and all of those affected in your prayers. Thank you.
Thankfully, we have the best firefighters in the world here in Los Angeles County..

*the photo is from my front yard

my friend and her family are doing amazingly well. She is very involved in a parenting group around here so everyone has really stepped up to help. Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers, they will make it through this. The most difficult thing for them is lost photos, and their lost cats.


Ann M. said...

I hope you and your friend stay safe, and that they get the fire out soon!

Buck said...

Wow. The pic looks a lil TOO close for comfort. Be safe, Susan. Your friend is in my prayers.

Susan said...

Yes, the fire is close, but the winds are blowing in the opposite direction. We're just keeping an eye out in case another fire starts during these horrendous Santa Ana winds.

Unfortunately, my friend lost her home to the fire. She is very thankful that her entire family is safe. She says that things are looking up thanks to friends and family and their offers of help.

Guard Wife said...

I had heard about these fires on the news yesterday morning and immediately thought of you & wondered what was up. Thanks for posting an update. I hope people will be able to step up & help your friend. I can't imagine.

ABW said...

Wow, that's close. Sorry to hear about your friend's loss, but am glad that she and her are safe.