Friday, August 8, 2008

26 days

I’ve been hearing about this show for months now. Sons of Anarchy
premieres in less than a month. I’ve heard it described as “Sopranos on Harleys”. I hope so, Stuntman and I been looking for a good drama to watch together.
When we watched Sopranos, it was fun to see the New Jersey locations. We both spent a lot of time in NJ for work and would occasionally recognize places in the show.
I know that we will recognize locations while we watch SOA, because we have already witnessed filming of the show. I believe they say the show is located in a Northern California town that is run by a biker gang, but it looks like it is being filmed in SoCal.


Buck said...

Cool! It's on FX, and I get that. When you said "Sopranos," I immediately thought "HBO," which I don't get...

Biker gangs! What's not to like?! ;-)

Kasey said...

The hubs is very excited about this show. I think it looks interesting.