Monday, August 11, 2008

Lions, Tigers and Bears

It was hot; we had a short trip to the zoo and didn’t see all of the animals. Not a lot of photos today either… but it was fun, and E3 fell asleep on the way home.
The LA Zoo has really improved since my first visit. They recently opened a new gorilla exhibit that enables great views of the gorillas, unlike the previous exhibit that allowed the gorillas to throw poo if you watched too closely. Someone near us got hit once, but they deserved it; they were heckling the gorilla.

Another favorite is the orangutan exhibit, Red Ape Forest. I was able to snap one photo of a sleeping orangutan… funny, sleeps just like Emma.

The male lion was sleeping in the same position, airing out his nether region, but I didn’t snap a photo. No need for odd links here.
I think the E’s favorite animals today were the giraffes. They were more active, walking around and eating. A family of VIP’s was inside the exhibit feeding the giraffes, and of course my kids asked how to get in there. I told them it was a special pass, didn’t need to say what I wanted to… “we’re not rich, nor famous, so no special pass for us”.

I can’t wait for all of the construction to be complete at the zoo. A new elephant exhibit is in the works and looks like it is nearing completion. It’s a great zoo, close by, and is a terrific workout. I don’t think there is one area that is flat. Constant walking up and down hills. Not really a place for a leisurely stroll, but fun.


Buck said...

Ya just can't beat a day at the zoo for a family outing. I lived within walking distance (less than a mile) of the Detroit zoo when I lived in Deetroit... and the ex- and I had season tickets/passes, which were used ALL the time when the grand-babies came to visit. And for just us two, as well.

The Mrs. said...

I love zoos! Perhaps because its so close to our habitat at home!

I figure once schools back in I'll get up the never to take the kids down to the bronx zoo. Two kids... one set of hands... I have to work up to this.

The pics were great! Good choice on the lion pic.