Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I'll need a vacation

Posting has been light because my life is pretty boring.
I have been preparing for our trip. Gas prices continue to drop, yippie! ($3.99/gal yesterday) That brings down the cost of driving an RV over 4000 miles, which is good, since there are always other ways for us to spend our money.

I've done all of the shopping (I think), and washed all of the bedding. Today, I cooked spaghetti sauce and chili to put in the freezer for meals along the way.
I have activities for the kids, and I printed information and games for each state that we will be seeing.

I know that I will forget something, but that's why WalMart Supercenters were invented, and why they are marked on our map.

My neighbor will be keeping an eye on the place, feeding the fish, and watering the garden. It's great to have wonderful neighbors here. I would feel comfortable giving my key to any one of them.

OK... off to do cleaning and laundry, I want the house spotless when I leave. I can't stand returning to a messy house.

We don't even leave for a few days, which is necessary since I have a stack of work on my desk that needs to be complete before we go.


Buck said...

Ahhh... road trips and the prep for same. Makes me nostalgic, this does! ;-)

Butterfly Wife said...

Why is it that getting ready to rest is such a lot of work? I am sure you'll enjoy your well-deserved vacation. Have a wonderful time!

The Mrs. said...

It sounds like so much fun!! hope you post pics of your journey! and that you bring everyone back with you....

Susan said...

I hope to takes LOTS of photos, so I'll be posting them when I return.
It should be fun, and I hope a little relaxing, even with 3 kids, 2 adults and 2 dogs in the RV.