Wednesday, February 4, 2009

the neighborhood

Stuntman and I bought this house over 13 years ago. We know our next-door neighbors very well. The ones on either side of us and the ones that share the driveway we know well enough to leave our keys with each other when we are out of town.
The rest of the neighborhood.... not so much.
We've never met anyone across the street. We have waved to each other as we drive our separate ways, but never actually spoken... until now. It's Girl Scout Cookie time, and E1 wanted to sell door-to-door. I walked with her and we met some very nice people. Almost everyone has lived here a very long time. It seems as if once you move to this street, you stay here.
We didn't walk the entire street though... I didn't care to meet anyone that lived in the house with the kite-man (he flies tiny little kites in the street and looks a bit like Bozo the clown)... and we didn't make it all the way to the guy-who-walks-around-in-his-robe-and-hasn't-shaved-or-bathed-in-10-years' house either.


Butterfly Wife said...

I hardly met any of my neighbors in Middleville after 6 years there. Here, I've met a few already.

Girl Scout Cookies. Yum! I was always the high seller in my troop. Now I don't have access to a troop. I did the search through the GS website, but no response yet.

Could I order through you and pay for shipping?

Susan said...

of course!
there are strict rules about selling on the internet, so we'll contact you offline :)
E1 will be so excited when I tell her!