Sunday, April 19, 2009

Just in Time

Our yearly car registrations just arrived. We are lucky enough to have them due after the increase that the California lawmakers enacted. Lucky us. We have a few cars; my minivan, Stuntman's work car and his pickup truck. The RV registration should arrive any day. I estimate that it'll cost us $500-800 more this year. They say it's based on the value of the vehicle. I need to find out how they are calculating that value.
PLUS we just received the first of the off-road registrations. The fee DOUBLED. yes, DOUBLED... FOR EACH OFF-ROAD VEHICLE. An old dirt-bike that has a yearly registration that is the same amount that it is worth. Great. We can afford to pay the increases, I'll cut back somewhere. Can't be my clothing budget, that is already at about $10/month.
The off-road thing really ticks me off... it's not as if there isn't a fee from the government when you ride on public land as well. ugh.


potandkettle said...

Long time lurker, but wanted to throw my 2cents out there. I'm in NC so I don't know if this will mean anything to you at all, but here goes...

Our locals decided to jack our taxes and the values of our properties - including vehicles. On one of them, the new value they assigned was MORE than I paid for the vehicle itself. I called and expressed my concern and when I faxed them a copy of the bill of sale showing the amount I paid, they lowered my tax bill down. I guess they count on people not questioning it, but I did.

The never ending one is the call to my homeowner's insurance, whom I have given the opportunity to buy my house for what they say it's worth. And funny, every single year they laugh at me and tell me no thanks and not to forget my premium is due.

It's c.r.a.z.y. the things they tax you for. Absolutely crazy.

Buck said...

Wow. Just... wow. It's no wonder there's so much emigration going on in The Not-So-Golden State these days. My RV registration in Texas this year? $105.80... total.

I feel for ya, Susan. I mean that.

Ann M. said...

That sucks! I'd definitely call and complain, at least about the off road ones. If you have to pay for it, the least they can do is have to listen to a couple of minutes' worth of what you think about it!

Guard Wife said...

So ridiculous. I'm sorry. From the sound of it, as goes California, so goes the country & I dread when this crap starts moving east. It makes that whole fair tax thing so appealing.

Everyone buys junk (even people who are here under the radar or who don't pay taxes in other ways)so why not let that be where the revenue comes from?