Wednesday, January 14, 2009

100 degrees

There is almost a 100 degree difference in temperature between my house and my sister's house today.
... and she thinks that I'm the crazy one for living here.

although I wouldn't mind getting up into double-digit humidity.. it is WAY too dry right now.. and windy... but at least my car doors aren't frozen shut, and my eyelashes don't freeze and break.


Buck said...

I hear ya about your sister's WX. I've been watching the Weather Channel this morning and feeling quite a bit of sympathy for those in the clutches of the latest Alberta Clipper. I have too danged many of those tee shirts, believe me.

While we here on The High Plains of New Mexico ain't as warm as all y'all in El-Eh, I'll take 55 degrees over -10 ANY day of the week. And twice on Sunday. ;-)

Guard Wife said...

And, your car likely isn't covered in two inches of salt residue. Gosh, I hate that stuff! But, it's too darned cold to get water anywhere near that thing or we'd be freeze-locked inside it! :)