Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Home on the range

My range heard the rumors that it was going to be replaced. It heard Stuntman and I discussing the kitchen remodel... it heard me talking to my friend today about the range I was planning to buy to replace it. It's not as if it didn't need replacing, the top was practically rusted through into the oven. It stopped working today out of protest. So, a little ahead of schedule I ran to Sears to buy a new one. I have shopped prices online for weeks, so I knew what to expect when I arrived in the store.. or so I thought. I actually paid less than I had planned. How often does that happen! Sears has this price-match guarantee and they checked around for me and found a cheaper price, plus they had free delivery and haul-away special ending today. Yippie.
It doesn't arrive until next week, but I can wait. The burners still work, so I guess that I just won't be baking anything until then. At least the range waited this long to quit working... unlike all of the other appliances that died during Stuntman's deployment (fridge, dishwasher, blender, coffeemaker, and microwave, well the last one was just before he left) .

On the kid front, E2 learned how to swing/pump by herself today. Until now, she had no desire to even try. She was perfectly content to have me push her. Unlike E1, who couldn't wait to learn how to swing on her own as soon as she could fit on the big kid swings. E2 didn't quit swinging until well after dusk. She did take a quick break to eat dinner, but went right back outside and continued swinging until she was tired.


(army)Wife said...

Is that a pic of the stove you bought? It looks super nice. I like the double oven!

Susan said...

(army)Wife, yes it is my new range. I've always wanted a double-oven but compromised with this one because getting a separate double oven and stove top would entail too much extra cost. I think it'll work out perfectly. So, I get what I need and it still fits in the same space :) The little top oven is perfect for a casserole or pizza or bread.

liberal army wife said...

ooooooh. Pretty new toy! I am still in lust for a Wolf or Viking range... or maybe just an oven that has more than two temps - 250 or 500... the inbetween numbers - not so much. I hate rental units..


Susan said...

LAW, I soooo wanted a Viking... but I compromised with this Jenn-Air so I would have enough money left for the countertops. I was also looking at one of the refurbished vintage ranges. They are beautiful... if only money wasn't an issue.
I guess that I could handle only having 350, but 250 and 500 aren't very useful :)

Guard Wife said...

I cannot wait until I can have a kitchen with a set-up to allow such an oven. I have the great, flat top 5-burner range top, but my oven is an in-the-wall, Brady bunch version...too tiny!

Congrats on E2 learning to swing/pump on her own. That is AWESOME! Right up there with using the potty in my book! ;)

Marine Wife said...

ooh, I'm jealous!