Sunday, January 11, 2009

There goes my manicure

We've been doing a little work around the yard for the last couple weeks. One of the benefits of living here is that it is currently 75 degrees and sunny outside, perfect for yard work.
Last week we, I mean I, dug out a huge tree root that was going across the back yard. After I dug all around it (it took almost 2 hours), Stuntman chopped it up with an ax and pulled it out of the ground in 10 minutes.
Today, I am stuccoing the low wall that runs across the middle of our back yard between our house and the upper level where the playground stands. We've talked about stuccoing the wall since we moved here 13 years ago. Finally. Neither of us have stuccoed before, but I am half done with the scratch coat and it already looks great. I hope that it all doesn't fall off in a year.
Stuntman is building steps to go over the wall, instead of walking around it like we always have. Looks good and it definitely will be useful. We will finish with a walkway of some sort to the steps. I think we will make some type of casual stone pathway.
Cheaper and more effective than going to the gym.
The title to this post may be deceiving because I don't have a manicure. Am I the only woman that thinks manicures are a total waste of time and money?


Ann M. said...

you sound busy! It's snowing everywhere around us, but here it is only raining. I can't even imagine it being nice enough to stucco. Or how you stucco, even.

about the manicures--I think I've gotten two my whole life, and one of them was for my wedding (my mother insisted on it). I think the bride of a wedding I was in forced us all to get another.

hey my word verification is smoush!

Bon said...

Manicures...I got rid of those when I decided to get off the hamster wheel of high earnings/no time with family/travel a lot. They went out right along with the detested panty hose.

So, no, you aren't the only one!

I'm late, but Happy Moo Ear to you too!

Marine Wife said...

I can't stand manicures, but for some strange reason, i do enjoy the occasional pedicure!