Sunday, January 25, 2009


Apparently, we were.

The whole family went to Monster Jam at Angel's Stadium yesterday. We had pit passes, so we arrived early enough to walk around the pits a see the trucks up close. At first, E3 (who is obsessed with his Matchbox monster trucks) was terrified of the trucks, but after a few minutes, he was excited to see the "big trucks!" He was especially excited to see his favorite, Grave Digger.
It wasn't as rednecky as I had anticipated, and we had an enjoyable time... except for tired kids, my arm spasm from carrying E3, the constant requests for cotton candy each time the vendor walked by, and the fat-headed jerk that sat in front of us that seemed to think it was a good idea to teach his young kid gang signs and boxing during the show.
It rained at our house all day, but it was clear (and about 15 degrees warmer) down in Anaheim.
It's cool today, but not enough to keep the kids inside. I have been working all weekend on a special/urgent project for work. (read= extra money for my new kitchen :D )


Butterfly Wife said...

Looks like fun! Good luck with work.

Buck said...

Wow! The Air Force has a monster-truck? Who knew? <=== Don't answer that... ;-)

Susan said...

Buck, and I'm sure that you are familiar with the driver, Damon Bradshaw

Guard Wife said...

Sounds like everyone had fun. :) I'm betting M2 would have been totally into it!

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