Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Three choices for the accent color in the kitchen;
1. Armored Steel
2. Greenland
3. Windrock

The main color of the dining area and living room is called Desert Suede.
I'll give you one guess... what was Stuntman's choice for the accent color?


Guard Wife said...

Is it even fair to call it a 'guess' when that question is such a gimme?? LOL

Cannot WAIT to see how this all works out! It is so beautiful already!

Buck said...

Well... given the names of the colors, methinks the choice is obvious. But... if there were no names attached and the choice was mine, I'd go for the color on the far right (Windrock).

Ann M. said...

Heh. Such manly names. My little brother and his girlfriend went to buy paint recently and he picked a color named...tree trunk or something, and she picked chocolatte, but when they put the two side by side, they couldn't tell the difference. They decided it was the same paint, just with different names to appeal to different genders. LOL. I bet somewhere there's a paint chip called Sun on a Slate Path or something and it looks very similar to your #1.