Friday, April 3, 2009

I almost cried a little

Now my kitchen, although it has no running water, is officially nicer than any kitchen that I thought that I would ever have.
The fabricators arrived today with my countertops and they are gorgeous. I am so glad that I didn't listen to everyone... and I mean everyone, when they said "why don't you just get granite?" The soapstone is perfect. I love the feel of it. The top photo is what it looks like dry, and the bottom photo is after a coat of oil. No nasty, toxic sealant needed. Just an occasional coat of food grade mineral oil to bring out the color and hasten the natural darkening of the stone.

The garden is full of tiny sprouts. E3 assisted me with transplanting the baby radishes today. The seeds sprout in clumps and need to be spread out in order to grow, so we did that today with dozens of tiny little radishes. All the while, E3 talking to the little plants, putting them in their "dirt bed" with a "dirt pillow".

Yesterday, E2 spent a couple hours sobbing and missing her daddy. E1 was a wreck the night before he left, but it took a few days for it to hit E2. E3 just thinks that daddy is in his office on the other side of the house half of the time. This is the first time Stuntman has been gone for more than a day since he redeployed and it's breaking his heart to be away from us, even though it's only for two weeks. One down, one to go.


Buck said...

Those counter-tops are beautiful, indeed.

Hang in there (on Stuntman being gone)... this is MUCH better than his being deployed, no?

Guard Wife said...

Ooo, I became a little teary-eyed looking at that myself!! Congrats!

{{Hugs}} to the kiddies!!! That is hard. I'm dreading these moments that I know are coming.

Susan said...

The absence of Stuntman this time, for me, is a piece of cake. We've had many, many separations like this throughout our marriage, and it's just something we deal with. I would prefer to have him home every night, but that's just not the way it is.
Not so for the kiddos. They can read a calendar, but still, I think it's bringing back not-so-good memories for them. I'm glad that grandma is here to give them extra attention this time.
I seriously miss him, but I'm not going to wish for something that just isn't possible right now. It's good that he's back east for training... it means that he has a job, and that they're going to keep him around for a while.

Ann M. said...

I think it will always be harder on the kiddos. I hope they're doing better today.

The countertops look fantastic!

ABW said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the countertops! They are absolutely beautiful!

Sorry the kids are taking it hard, poor little guys...

The Mrs. said...

sorry your kids are down. its never easy is it?

the counters look beautiful. Is soapstone cheaper then granite? My mother is looking to redo her kitchen and was looking into a couple different types of counters. I'll have to mention this one to her.

Susan said...

The Mrs., Soapstone is about the same price as mid-price granite. It has a small range of colors, and doesn't shine like granite or marble, so that is a drawback for some. For me, the color was what I wanted anyhow, and I didn't feel like polishing my countertops and wiping away spots constantly like I know my friends with black granite need to do. Have your mom look into it, it may be perfect for her as well.