Thursday, April 16, 2009

Still ringing

I can still hear the honking in my ears. This is just a 13 second video of our time at one of the local Tea Parties today.
I have no idea how many people were there. All I know is that I was surprised at how many there were.
I only saw one person drive by with the thumbs down (a young blonde chick). Almost every driver had their thumbs up and their horn honking when driving by the demonstration. Male, female, white, black, hispanic, asian, old, or young... it didn't matter.
I don't object to paying taxes. I have never failed to pay them and I don't take any "questionable" deductions. (unlike so many politicians) The demonstrations were about more than just taxes. They were about the current direction that the government is heading and the waste of our tax dollars.
Here in California people are very upset about the sales tax hike (9.25% in LA) and the car registration fee increase.
We had a conversation with E2 today regarding taxes and she just didn't get it. Why would someone take some of your money just because you worked for it? We tried to explain it... just a blank stare is what we received.


Buck said...

I'm glad the attendance and positive reactions at the SoCal tea parties were good. Perhaps there IS hope abroad in the land. And I'm NOT talking about the "Changey" kind of hope.

Guard Wife said...

Children are wisest when it comes to these things. If it doesn't pass a kid's smell test, it probably stinks to high heaven.

Glad you had a good experience! I know in California, there is PLENTY to be fired up about.