Tuesday, June 16, 2009

School's out

Now it's time to plan the summer. It doesn't look like we will have an out-of-town vacation this year. Stuntman will be away to the home office for training a few times during the summer. He left today for two weeks as well. We stuck a Father's Day card in his luggage. Hopefully, he won't open it until then.
It finally feels like summer here. It has been cool and drizzly for a couple weeks, but now it has been sunny for almost two days. I was enjoying the cool weather because I know that we will have PLENTY of 100 degree days in the near future.
Just the usual going on around here. Prepping for a big birthday party for E3. He's never had one. E3 missed having the big first-birthday-bash that we had for each of the girls because Stuntman was deployed at the time. The 2nd birthday was just after Stuntman returned home, he wasn't in the mood for a lot of visitors at the house. I have some things together for the party, but still a lot to do. I have a vision of the monster truck cake that I will be making, I hope that I can create it in cake form.
There will be photos... unless it is hideous.


Buck said...

There will be photos... unless it is hideous.

My photo archives have long since disappeared... but I USED to have a series of photos with TSMP and a couple of our proxy kids with THE most hideous cake you can imagine. They (the pics) were GREAT!

Guard Wife said...

I can't wait to see photos! I can't imagine the cake will be hideous!

Ann M. said...

I'm looking forward to pictures, too!