Tuesday, June 30, 2009

An Evening Out

I brought these cute little chocolates home from dinner last night. You may or may not be able to tell, but they are from the Reagan Presidential Library. The chocolates were placed on top of the dessert, but since they were so cute, I needed to bring them home to show the girls. Then they ate them.
I was lucky enough to be invited by a friend to the Reagan Library yesterday for an event. Mike Huckabee was there for a book signing. We arrived in time to hear his speech. I really enjoyed listening to him. The content was spot on and laced with just the right amount of humor. All of the "change" going on right now is overwhelming to me. It was rejuvenating to be in a room full of people that believe in the conservative movement. Optimists that believe that America's best days are not behind us, but ahead of us.
After the speech, and Q&A session, dinner was served and we ate in the shadow of Air Force One. The view from the library is amazing and dinner began just as sunset began. Perfect. Timing. I wanted to lick my plate, but didn't, because I am sure that may have been inappropriate... even though the food was delicious.

I'm trying to wrangle tickets to attend the upcoming event with Condoleezza Rice.


Buck said...

Wow... lucky YOU, Susan. I'm envious in that good sorta way!

The Surette-Nelson Collective said...

Well, I am by no stretch of the imagination "convervative" nor do I support the movement, but I would have loved to have enjoyed your evening at the Presidential Library! No matter the slant, it's always nice to be involved in dialog and keep abreast of the current political rhetoric--on both sides (too bad there's only two). It sounded like a lovely time! Good luck with those tix. :)

The Mrs. said...

If you get tickets to see Condee will you sneak me in with you. Surely I'll fit in your purse.

Guard Wife said...

What a terrific night! The flower arrangement is gorgeous. :) I can only imagine how good the food would have been!

Please get tickets to for the Condi event so you can blog all about it!!