Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Time Flies

E3 turned 3 today.
I can hardly believe that it has been THREE years since I rushed to the hospital just in time for E3's birth. Stuntman arrived just in time for the delivery.
He is such a fun little guy. Fun to watch, fun to play with, fun to speak with.
He's a little obsessed with monster trucks and MarioKart Wii at the moment, but he is always up for playing in the sandbox. At least until his "stomach barks" saying that it is time to eat.
He adores his sisters and they adore him, although he occasionally plays the role of annoying little brother.
Happy Birthday my little man.


Buck said...

Happy Birthday E3!

(apropos of everything... he looks a LOT like my SN3 did when he was younger.)

Susan said...

Buck, he sure does!
E3's dad may be Army, but his Grandpa was a Navy pilot. Thanks for the link :)

The Mrs. said...

Happy birthday to your little guy!

Guard Wife said...

Awww! Happy Birthday, E3! I cannot believe how big he is growing! My goodness!!

ABW said...

The cake looked great and i hope he had a great birthday!

Happy Birthday E3!