Tuesday, July 14, 2009

One of those days

It was one of those days.
Stuntman did arrive home earlier than he had for the last 2 weeks (7pm). I was able to sit by the pool and watch everyone swim while enjoying my mango margarita.

update 7/17* I should mention that it was a delicious Tastefully Simple Mango Margarita. If you would like your own, contact Butterfly Wife. Seriously, delicious.


Ann M. said...

sounds like a great day to me!

Susan said...

Ann, yes, life is good.

Buck said...

It looks like a great day, too! :D

Butterfly Wife said...

Now that wouldn't happen to be a Tastefully Simple Mango Margarita, would it?!?

Looks like fun!

Susan said...

why yes, it IS a Tastefully Simple Mango Margarita.
I'm updating the post :)