Wednesday, July 1, 2009

How long until the DVD?

I rarely go to see movies at the theatre. I am too cheap.
Occasionally, we go to the drive-in, because it is a bargain. That's when we see "family" shows. I would like to see the Johnny Depp movie, Public Enemies, but I don't think it would be family viewing, so I will have to wait until the DVD is released.
I hope to hit the drive-in tomorrow night for Ice Age 3, but I'm not sure if Stuntman has Friday off of work. We have barely seen him since he returned home from his 2 week business trip.
On a side note, my grandfather was taken in by the authorities because he was mistaken for John Dillinger when Dillinger was a fugitive. Luckily, they soon realized their mistake even with the strong resemblance.


Ann M. said...

That is pretty amazing about your grandfather. No wonder you want to see the movie!

And you are so lucky to have a drive in near you! Not that we could go because the Captain refuses to be in the car after dark...

Guard Wife said...

What a story your grandfather had to tell!!

I want to see the new Depp movie too. Looks really good!

I hope you were able to make that drive-in show!