Monday, July 13, 2009

Now back to three

Meet Cinnamon.
We adopted this little boxer from the shelter over the weekend. We picked her up from the vet today (the shelter requires spay/neuter before you take the dog home). They say she is 6 months old, but I'll see what my vet says when I bring her in for a checkup and suture removal.
She's sweet and great with the kids. She is fast friends with Roxie and Emma is warming up to her.
E3 and Cinnamon are both busy potty training now. I hope Cinnamon learns quickly.

Here is a photo from a couple years ago of our last trio.
Roxie is the young one in the center, with Pumpkin and Sparky.


Buck said...

Cinnamon is a cutie!

Butterfly Wife said...

Welcome to the blogosphere, Cinnamon! Boxer are awesome!

Guard Wife said...

What a soulful face! She is really beautiful!! Congrats on the new addition.