Saturday, July 18, 2009


Crunch. That's the sound that I hear when I walk on the grass. It looks like everyone around here is obeying the mandatory water conservation rules for LADWP. Sprinklers are only allowed Monday and Thursday for 10 minutes.
Summer just began and I have a feeling that my lawn may spontaneously combust at any moment.
Oh, and that hill that I planted a couple years ago? toast.
I hope it will revive when rain returns.

*updated, I forgot the link


Buck said...

I feel for ya, Susan. Doesn't the watering prohibition increase the fire danger, though? Not so much where lawns are concerned, granted, but what about shrubs and the like?

Susan said...

Buck, I would think so. I'm hand watering certain areas of the lawn and everything is trimmed according to the fire regs, but I can definitely see how all the dry yards around here may be a problem.
There is a huge $$ penalty if one goes over their allotted water amount. we'll see.

The Mrs. said...

if i could send you rain i would. i swear it rained for 40 days straight. we were thinking about building an ark.

and i take it hubs isn't a carter fan either? : )