Wednesday, October 3, 2007

It's NOT Monday?!

The day started like this...
Woke up early...needed to toss a load of clothes into the dryer, or I would have NOTHING to wear today.
Upon removing the clothes from the washer, I hear a thud inside the washer.
Hmmm, what could that be?
a rock?...a toy?
Crap. My cell phone.

Let's add a trip to the T-Mobile store to my to-do list today.


Butterfly Wife said...

Oh geez! Monday it sure seems. Hopefully the day just got better from there.

TripleE said...

Can you believe that I had to pick up 2 phones today. Hubby toasted his at about the same time I washed mine. Neither one of us make a habit of destroying cell phones usually...I guess we still have an invisible connection even miles apart...a very expensive connection :)