Sunday, October 14, 2007

Staying Connected

We found a couple new ways to be connected to Hubby/Daddy this week.
At the beginning of the week, my mini-van was telling me screaming at me, that it needed new front brakes. The mechanic needed it for a day to look at a few other maintenance issues while it was there. My wonderful neighbor drove me and E3 home from said mechanic.
I needed to drive Hubby’s car for the day. I searched high and low for the rear seat to the PT Cruiser (BTW, the PT is a great car…Hubby traded in his 1st PT last year with 250K miles on it with very few issues, and then bought the same car/different color). I finally found it (cursing my poor Hubby the entire time). The kids LOVE riding in Daddy’s car. We drove it all week. It was good to run a tank of gas through it. We’ll be sure to alternate cars from now on.

Early today, Hubby called and said that he finally was able to have internet installed in his tent! We IM’d and emailed, and video and audio conferenced today. The kids said, “We saw Daddy! We haven’t seen him move for a long time! Unless we swing flat-daddy around when we dance” They loved it, and I think IM’ing will be a popular way for us to communicate. He won’t be back to his tent for a few days…I can’t wait! I want to thank the guy who invented satellites, and Steve Jobs. It amazes me that I was talking with, and seeing my husband while he is on the other side of the world…in a tent…in the middle of the desert. Technology ROCKS!


ABW said...

You can't beat that! I ordered a flat daddy for the kids to haul around when you posted a link that time. Thanks for the heads up on that!

Buck Pennington said...

Technology ROCKS!

Indeed it do! The Second Mrs. Pennington and I did MARS calls back in the day...and it was painful. She never could remember the "over" bit when she was done with a sentence...

And I won't even begin to talk about the 60s. It was ALL letters, and only letters...and all about a week late (at best), they were.

I'm SO glad things have changed for you and all the others, Triple E.

Lemon Stand said...

What a wonderful post! That is so cool! I wonder if the next technology will be teleporting? Well, we can dream, can't we?

(army)Wife said...

Technology is the greatest!! With all the advanced technology the military has for vehicles and weapons, its about time they caught up with satellite internet!