Monday, October 8, 2007

Over the Weekend

We had a pretty good weekend.
Busy…but not overly so.
On Saturday we went to our first FRG meeting. It was an FRG for a company other than my husband’s, but one close to my home. I had met the leader some time ago and she invited me. I was hoping that my kids would meet other soldier’s kids, and they did. The FRG leader was very upbeat and had done a lot of preparation for the day…crafts for the kids, flyers for the adults. The turnout was disappointing…one, yes one family from the unit attended. With the addition of my family (from another unit), that made a total of two. Two families…the leader stayed upbeat, but I could tell that she was disappointed in the turnout. The notification of the meeting went out late, but still, it was disappointing.
Saturday evening was fun. A friend of mine invited us over for a little birthday get-together. He’s a friend from work, and is always checking to make sure that we’re not sitting around bored on the weekends. With 3 kids, that usually isn’t the case…there is almost always something happening on the weekend. The food was catered…and it was good…really, really, good. I’m not even sure what it was…beef and chicken skewers with various dips, spicy pasta salad, marinated shrimp, little beef-filled wontons, marinated asparagus, and fried chicken. He said my Hubby was “an American Hero” when people asked about him. The kids had a great time. They had more fun at a 51 yr. old’s birthday party than they had at a party in quite a while.
Sunday was filled with church, lunch, and shopping (needed the biggies: dogfood and diapers).
I had a lot of fun with my children this weekend…no major fights between them and no major discipline needed. I wish Hubby could have been here to enjoy it. He did go to church, as a flat-daddy, but he stayed in the car.


Butterfly Wife said...

I love to hear about the Adventures of Flat-Daddy! :D

Sounds like a fabulous weekend. :D

Buck Pennington said...

Wow, that's too bad about the FRG. I feel bad for the lady that did all the prep work for a gathering of two families, but am also glad you went, Triple E. I hope the next one is better, in terms of the turn-out.

TripleE said...

Buck, me too, I felt so bad for her. She really loves the soldiers, and tries so hard...she doesn't even have a family member in the unit anymore...but was FRG leader the last deployment and wanted to continue "for the guys'.

BW, I'll let you know if flat-daddy goes anywhere else...right now he's sitting on the sofa and watching TV.