Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday...

I just returned from my Black Friday shopping trip. Coffee tastes...gooood.
I don't usually venture out before dawn to go to the store. I've shopped early on the day after Christmas, but never on the day after Thanksgiving.
I left the house without even turning on a light. I didn't want to wake anyone before I left, and it worked. The dogs didn't even wake up. My clothes were ready to go, I washed my face and brushed my hair and teeth in the dark, and headed out the door.
I didn't see another car on the road until I was almost to the freeway.
I thought that maybe the cold kept people in the house today. (it was 45 degrees!!)
Once I was close to WalMart, I saw the crowds. Cart after cart was filled with giant flat-screen TV's.
People were pleasant, and I had a fun conversation with the shopper behind me in the electronics line. We agreed that chatting the entire time sure made the hour and a half line go quickly! We figured that we could take the guy in front of us in case the Wii's ran out... but they didn't ;) The laptops and x-box's ran out, but the Wii's were safe. Yes, I finally broke down and purchased a Wii for the family. The kids and I have played it several times at friend's homes, and it is a blast. Probably not for the serious gamer, but a lot of fun for the family. You should have seen E3 boxing on it last week, hilarious.
My workload the last few weeks and the upcoming months will definitely cover todays shopping trip. Actually, I think the next 4 days will cover it... My inbox is stacked about 3 feet high, and I don't see an end. Hopefully, we can catch up after the giant hit our finances took the last year with the deployment and everything. I am so thankful that as far as we know, our jobs are safe. No matter what the economy, people still get sick.

On the drive home, I happened to pass by the mobile home park that was hit in the most recent fire. I don't know what to say. Over 500 homes were lost. The devastation just goes on and on. Two of the people that were at Thanksgiving dinner yesterday had lost their home in the park. They are getting back on their feet and have a good outlook and a new place to stay.

I'm calculating what I saved on my shopping trip today, and I'm splitting it amongst charities (one is on my sidebar).


Buck said...

You brave woman, you! That said, congrats on the positive Black Friday experience. I hear ya about the Wii... SN1 has one and it's a BIG hit with everyone who comes to visit.

Guard Wife said...

Sounds like it was a success!! Good job! All the ladies in my family go each year, but I tend to skip it. :) I will likely wait until I have a couple paychecks in the bank before I venture to the stores. I'll probably be there Christmas Eve won't be the first time! LOL People are generally friendly on that night too.

Marine Wife said...

This was my first year, too. I was in line for the Nintendo DS. I can't believe I got up that early for that!