Saturday, November 8, 2008

Soda Pop Shop

We went to a soda shop today in Highland Park. We had heard about Galco's for years, but never ventured there. They carry all kinds of unique sodas, beers and wines. Stuntman was in the mood for a sugar cane soda instead of a high-fructose corn syrup blend. He acquired a taste for them when in Iraq. The people at the store were as unique as the store. We parked our mini-van between a DeLorean and a Smart Car.
As you can see from the photos, we purchased an array of sodas and beers (you can click the photo for larger). I have the LaBatts Blue chilling right now. I recall the most delicious restaurant meal that I have ever tasted. It included a LaBatts Blue. I ate at a lodge just feet from the Canadian border and was the only one not wearing flannel; I was wearing the standard business skirt, blouse and heels. My mouth waters thinking of the walleye, asparagus and Labatts that I had that evening. Mmmmm.

The Leninade label has a few catchy sayings: "A party in every bottle!" , "Our 5-year plan; drink a bottle a day for five years and become a Hero of Socialist Flavor" , " A taste worth standing in line for!" and, "get really hammered and sickled!"
On the other hand, the Pure John McCain Cola says "What this country needs is natural leadership and a great cola. At Jones Soda we use natural sweeteners, like pure cane sugar. Pure McCain Cola is also made with 100% pure patriot spirit and the love of the red, white and blue."
We purchased a few to share :)


Buck said...

Ah... Labatt! The "beer of choice" all those years I lived in Deetroit (Rochester, NY... too). A lot of folks swear by Molson, but I think Labatt's is the best beer from the Great White up.

Stewarts' is great good stuff, too. I love their cream soda, but it's unobtainium in these parts... the downside of rural living.

Kasey said...

Stewart's Orange n' Cream is my absolute favorite!!

It is big back home in Ohio but I have a really hard time finding it around Bragg.

The Mrs. said...

I'm just a classic gal, give me a bottle of coke any day of the week. of course, fountain coke is the best.