Sunday, November 30, 2008


I was just cleaning the house and heard a BOOM!
I checked outside, no explosions, so I turned on the TV.
Duh, the shuttle just landed at Edwards AFB, it was the sonic boom.
The kids and I watched the landing. We had watched the blast off 16 days ago.
E3 ran to the Christmas tree and grabbed the little Space Shuttle Hallmark Ornament and said "Rocket Ship!!"
Now he's playing with a toy astronaut. His rocket-scientist/Navy pilot grandfather would be proud :)


The Mrs. said...

oh dash-1 is all about space. Instead of asking to go to disney world he keeps asking for us to take him to the kennedy space center. I keep trying to sell it to flyboy as a learning experience but that still isnt justifying the cost!

Buck said...

I read this post yesterday and wasn't up to commenting. The reason? I heard the sonic boom from the break-up/re-entry of Columbia as it passed over New Mexico and entered Texas' airspace back in 2003. That was a bad day, to put it VERY mildly.

Your experience is much more positive, Susan.