Saturday, November 15, 2008

Still burning

The fire from last night has raged due to the tremendous winds around here. Remind me again, why do we live here?!
Stuntman had to go to work for a little while today, so I'm here trying to keep the kids entertained while I go through a box of tissues. The air is so dry, but yet my nose won't stop running.
E3 now needs the computer to play a game online. Have I mentioned that my 2 year old is quite proficient with the mouse? He can't use the toilet, but he can use the computer, priorities, I guess.

*update* what a nightmare today has been for so many people. Please keep up the prayers for everyones safety.
The wind has lessened for now in this area, but I'm not sure if it is only temporary.
*update a few minutes later* the house is shaking again, !@#$%, the wind is back, !@&^%!!


Ann M. said...

yikes! stay safe!

The Mrs. said...

hang in there!

Buck said...

All y'all are in my thoughts and prayers, Susan.