Tuesday, November 27, 2007


64 plants per flat x 35 flats = 2240 holes dug

After weeks of watering and weeding, watering and weeding, the hillsides were ready to plant. I bought 35 flats of gazanias at Lowes. I love that store…they even gave me a military discount even though the Veteran’s Day special was no longer in effect. I asked if the discount was still in effect, and the manager said “no, but we’ll give it to you anyhow”.
My pickup-owning brother-in-law picked up the plants on Friday. I’ve been planting off and on since then...mostly when E3 was napping . When he wasn’t napping, he was “helping’. All the kids helped at some time. E1 planted the most. E2 didn’t do much planting, but she did make a lot of mud. E3 would hold one plant, I would dig a hole, he would stuff the plant into the hole, tuck dirt around it and clap.
Just. Adorable.

Here is a before pic (but after the trees were cut down)

Here is a photo from today of one hillside

Here is what it should look like in a month or two.

I’m hoping it is all purdy by the time Stuntman is home on leave in February.


Butterfly Wife said...

Wow. That looks really ambitious.

Um, when you get done there, do you want to come over here and do the same? No hills in my backyard, I promise.

(army)Wife said...

That going to look really nice!! Lowes does give a 10% discount all the time with a military id. The hub and I have been in there so many times since buying our house they don't even ask to see our id any more. They just know who we are. Haha!

TripleE said...

(army) wife, that's what I thought, but when I went this time, the manager said it was only over Veteran's Day weekend. I'll need to check that next time I go, hopefully it was just an ill-informed mgr.

Buck Pennington said...

Wow. Them's a LOT of holes!! Way-cool that you had the help you had, too!