Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mistaken Identity

We went to WalMart a few days ago. Somehow (I think I became distracted), we were separated. Stuntman and E1 were looking for me, E2 and E3. E1 ran up to a woman saying “here’s Mom!” but it wasn’t… luckily, I was only an aisle over and they found us:

Stuntman: “E1 ran up to someone else, mistaking her for you”
Me: “awwww, poor girl… who was it?”
Stuntman: “the lady in the next aisle”
Me: (I peek into the next aisle and whisper back to him) “ the 50-something lady with the big rear?”
Stuntman: “wha???” as he looks into the next aisle, then keeps looking into other aisles. “No, the one two aisles over now”

Well, I now realize that I must look like a bleach blonde with giant b@@bs, but she did have a tiny rear, and was obviously younger than 40 ☺

I think E1 may need glasses.


Buck said...

My first reaction? I laughed!

My second reaction? "Don't look a gift horse... yadda, yadda." There are worse things to be mistaken for, other than a bleach-blonde with big boobs. And a small rear. ;-)

The Mrs. said...

hilarious!! I'm getting the oddest picture of you in my head...