Monday, October 20, 2008

Plan B

In a comment on my last post, Buck asked for photos.
The camera battery was D.E.A.D., but we did catch a couple on the camera phone.
I was not able to ride my bike. As we were loading it, I noticed the front tire was low. It was fine a month ago when I rode down the street just to see if it started. The valve stem is crap and won't hold air. So, there goes my spontaneous trip riding.
We salvaged the day with a fun 4x4 drive around Hungry Valley. The new truck is awesome off-road. The kids had a blast and the weather was perfect. The day reminded me of the many times Stuntman and I drove all over SoCal off-road, except this time we had three kids squealing and laughing in the back seat.

looking down on the valley... see the tiny trucks down there?
Stuntman and the kids tossing rocks down the giant hill that we had just conquered.


Buck said...

Dang! That's too bad about your front tire, Susan. But thanks for the phone-camera pics! Waaay-cool!

Apropos of nothing: my "security word:" dnfns. Emphasis on the first three letters, of course.

The Mrs. said...

much better then freezing your butt off! I guess CA does have its advantages! : )

Inquiries said...

I see stuntman is a scuba diver. Thats cool! Great pics!