Friday, October 3, 2008

To whom it may concern:

If you drop your son off at my house for the day, and leave me with a few Pull-ups, please ensure that he has one ON before you leave him here.
I don't tend to check those things right away, especially if the kid is old enough to tell me if his diaper is dirty.
I had asked him if he was wearing a Pull-up, or if he went in the potty now. He thought he was wearing a Pull-up, can't blame the kid for going commando and not noticing.

I shampoo my carpets enough the way it is. I don't need extra work to do.

Also, Pull-ups are a scam by the diaper companies to prolong the need to purchase their product. OK, I have no actual proof on that, but I've devised the theory from observation.


Ann M. said...

That sucks!

(I was going to say that's crappy, but...I decided not to)

Susan said...

Ann, thanks for holding back ;)

Guard Wife said...

Um. Ewww!

And, I am with you completely 100% on the whole pull-up phenomenon.

Buck said...

Pull-ups? Qu'est-ce que c'est ?

Susan said...

Buck, Pull-ups are diapers that pull up just like underwear, they're marketed to "big kids", what a scam.

Marine Wife said...

Susan, eww!
And yes, the pull-ups are a scam. They just prolong the nightmare that is potty training. I've never met a kid that used those that didn't take forever to fully potty train.

The Mrs. said...

oh gross.

and totally agree with you on your theory. We used them very sporatically around here, just when we would be in the car for long periods or the first few weeks of potty training in public but at home... it was trial and error. As long as he had a pull up on he thought he was still in a diaper.

Kasey said...

I hate pull-ups. When dealing with potty training children, I have noticed that those who use pull-ups have way more accidents.