Saturday, October 11, 2008

Not my turn

My badger-dog, Emma is obsessed with this little house we have in the back corner of our yard. It's a little brick house that currently contains old lawn equipment. The previous owners used it as a chicken coop. That could explain the blood splatters on the roof of the laundry room when we moved in, right?
This little house is notorious for rat infestations. We have trapped, poisoned, and shot the little suckers, but they keep returning. Emma has been barking at it, circling it, and then barking some more. Yesterday, something must have moved in there, and Emma jumped back 10 feet, then began barking some more.
I hope Stuntman can find a solution this weekend.
That's part of the trade-off with marriage, I do the dishes, and he deals with rodents.
Sounds fair to me.


Rebecca said...

Sounds more than fair! I can't imagine having rats. I would never go near the things. If I ever have a rat infestation problem, I'll take a page from your book and give that chore to someone else.

Kasey said...

Very fair!!

Buck said...

Yup... sounds fair to me, too.

Years ago I had a rat problem with my compost pile. I solved it by finding the rat burrows and gassing them to death with the exhaust from my car... pumped in via vacuum cleaner hose from the tailpipe for about a half hour to 45 minutes, after making sure all the holes to the burrow except the one were closed off. I stayed "on guard" with my .22 while the car was running just in case I missed an escape hole... but I didn't see a single rat during the process.

Bottom line: Nothing else worked, but that did. I never saw another rat. I'm thinking that might not work with a structure, tho.

(army)Wife said...

Totally fair!

I can barely deal with those litlle ladybug infestations we get every year, let alone rats. Eww!

Marine Wife said...

totally fair! I can't stand rodents of any type. *shudder*