Wednesday, February 20, 2008

beer, beef and bras

Checklist for Stuntman’s R&R

Beer. check. (a few good ones are in the fridge, but they didn’t have his favorite at Whole Foods like usual, so I may need to visit BevMo)

Beef. check. Natural-grown rib-eye steaks are in the freezer and the grill is ready.

Bras. check. Visited the lingerie store for a new every-day bra for me and picked up a little something nice for the “honeymoon”.

I told Stuntman that I was making sure that I had all of his favorite snacks in the house while he was here. He asked me to forget a few things so that he would have to make a trip or two to the store. He misses just being able to run to the store for a twinkie or whatever if he wants it. He misses the freedom to come and go as he pleases and the vast selection of things to do and buy. He’s described it as “prison, but without the cable TV”.

to answer Buck's question.
Stuntman's favorite is Reutberger Export Helle
but there are a few Blue Moon and a few Pyramid Hefe Weizen in the fridge


Guard Wife said...

Good list!

I'm pretty sure there could be a mass produced list for such occasions b/c they are ALL so similar, regardless of service branch. :)

I'm hoping for warm days where he can walk around barefoot in the yard with the kiddos & the doggies as well as plenty of time to check out each item on your list. :)

Buck said...

And Stuntman's favorite beer is...?

Enquiring Minds wanna know!

ABW said...

Great list! I'm so excited that he will be there soon. And to be home before the milk expires means it's really just around the corner!

Buck said...

Thanks for the answer, TripleE. Your man has great taste!!