Monday, February 25, 2008

Sleep-deprived #2

I haven't been to bed yet. It's 8 am. I think I'll be up all day.
Starting last evening, all 3 E's began puking. Then whatever was in them decided to escape the other direction as well.
I've been comforting kids, changing jammies (mine and the kids, multiple, multiple times), and doing laundry all night.
E2 looks as if she is over it, and E1 and E3 have both improved. There's a little break in the action right now.

I am so glad that I'm not a single parent this time. Not a great welcome home for Stuntman, but I'm glad he's here.


ABW said...

Oh no not you too!! On the bright side Stuntman is there and they all got it at the same time. My MIL is bringing over crackers, pedialyte, chicken for chicken soup and some diet sprite.

Hang in there!

Kelly said...

Sorry to hear about the sick kids, but I'm so happy that Stuntman is home! Yeah!!!!! Try to enjoy your time with him after all the sickness is gone.

Dear Prudence said...

Hello Again Triple E,
I stop by from time to time to see how life is treating you and what a blessed surprise to find out your love is home and safe for the time being. Although the fates have seen fit to throw a bit-o-*hit your way, this too will pass!

God Bless you and your Hubby and please thank him for me for his service and bravery. I keep you both in my prayers on a regular basis.
Your reader from the East Coast.

Guard Wife said...

Oh drats! Those germs always seem to know when/where to find us. I'm so glad you don't have to deal with this alone. I hope the kids are on the mend ASAP so you can get some rest and some alone time.

trying said...

so glad you have back up for this fun. hope it runs thru the house as quick and as painlessly as possible so you guys can enjoy your family time.

Bon said...

Hope you all feel better fast. I imagine this dose of life isn't really hurting Stuntman one bit. Nothing like being needed.