Friday, February 8, 2008

It has been a while, hasn't it.

Yesterday, I was at the park with the E's. It was a beautiful spring-like day to ride bikes and play at the playground. I ran into another mom that I hadn't seen for a long time. E1 and E2 were in a tennis class with her daughter last year. At that time, E3 was just a little guy that would sleep in a baby carrier the entire class time while the moms watched.
Yesterday, E3 was running around, trying to shoot a basketball into the hoop (he only missed by 10 feet). E3 was hanging around "the guys", which happened to be a few 6-8 year old boys and a couple dads. I guess he was in need of a little male influence in contrast to all of the pink that is around our house.
Ended up, one of the dads was the husband of the mom from tennis class. She was amazed at how E3 had grown.
Wow, the kids have grown since we saw each other last... a lot has happened since we saw each other...
Then I remembered when I first told her that my husband was in the military and deployed... and he still is.


Rosie said...

But hopefully not for too much's almost over :)

TripleE said...

Rosie, yes, definitely on the downhill side of it :)

Buck said...

yes, definitely on the downhill side of it :)

And that's a Great Good Thing!