Friday, February 29, 2008

Army training

Stuntman has gone from being an amateur back-seat driver, to being a professional back-seat driver.
He's earned it with his Army training and many miles on Iraqi roads. He's said "you should see me drive backward". I don't care to see that right now, but maybe someday, when we're on a dry lake bed or something.

I had heard stories of soldier's arriving home and driving erratically, or aggressively, so I was worried before Stuntman arrived home. After driving and riding with him, I have no more fears. He's always been a good driver, but his time in Iraq has taken it up a notch. He is more alert, and he did point out a few things on the freeways that would have bothered him if he was driving in Iraq... roadside trash, bridges, other drivers, etc., but I feel safe with him behind the wheel on the SoCal freeways.


trying said...

I'm always getting driving tips from flyboy and while he's a good driver, every once in a while I'm amazed he's entrusted with something that flys.

Guard Wife said...

Hubs drives "professionally" in his civie job and, I must say, THAT is a scary prospect given the way he drives the car & his truck. I just rationalize that he's used to driving huge equipment rather than passenger vehicles.

Paul said...

I appreciated the point "He's earned it with his Army training and many miles on Iraqi roads."
As I provide army training, I can realize that.