Friday, February 1, 2008

what was with people today?

I was so happy to arrive home today... park the car and walk inside.
What was with drivers today? It seemed as if all of the crappy drivers were out on the roads.
I saw several close calls and a few accidents... and I didn't even put on many miles. The weather was perfect, 60's and sunny, so that isn't an excuse.
I keep replaying one incident in my mind. I was waiting to turn left at an intersection, when the pickup in front of me stopped. There were no oncoming cars, so he had no reason to stop. A black coupe came speeding by from the left, through a red light, attempted to navigate a left turn, smacked a car that had just driven by me on my right, jumped a curb and crashed head-on into a tree.
I don't know how the driver of the pickup in front of me saw the black coupe soon enough to stop. The intersection is at an angle, the coupe was coming down the hill at our 8 o'clock. If he hadn't seen it, I would have continued into the intersection and been t-boned by the black coupe.
The car that was hit had minimal damage, but the car that ran the red light and hit the tree was totalled. I pray that the occupants of the car are OK. If they were wearing seat belts, probably OK... if not, probably not.
Police, fire and paramedics were already at the scene of a recent accident about a block ahead of us.


Ann M. said...

Yikes. I am glad that the driver who ran the red light didn't appear to damage much of anyone else (hopefully they are OK too), and I'm really glad there was a driver in front of you who was able to keep you out of it all! I hate driving--that would have cured me from getting in the car for days!

Buck said...

Wow. Glad you and yours are OK, TripleE. That incident would have freaked me right out!

Vypergirl said...

Oh I am so glad you are OK, TripleE! That sounds really scary to watch! I once watched a drunk driver roll his truck down and embankment. Of course I didn't know he was drunk when he did it. He had 2 other people in the car though, thankfully they were ok. You are on the other side of the country from me, but people here drive like that all the time!! They really scare me!

Once again I am so glad you are safe!