Monday, March 3, 2008

We were hungry

Stuntman has been home for 1 week and tonight was the first time I cooked him a proper dinner.
We've been sick and not in the mood to cook or eat.
I've really missed cooking for him. I like to cook (and eat), and cooking for the kids just isn't the same. I swear the girls live on air, and most of E3's food ends up on the floor or in the dogs tummy.
I grilled steak and potatoes and had a green salad. Nothing fancy, but it was delicious. I grilled a couple extra steaks and I'll use those for fajitas tomorrow.

E1 and I spent a few hours this afternoon selling Girl Scout cookies outside of a grocery store. I'm rid of over half of the cookies I had in the storeroom. Hopefully we'll sell the remaining ones next weekend. My van was seriously loaded down when I picked up the cookies last weekend... just minutes after Stuntman arrived home actually. Somehow the timing was perfect.

It is crazy windy here right now... has been all day. It wasn't windy at the grocery store, and it's not windy at the end of the block, but here, it's I-think-the-house-is-going-to-lift-off-of-the-foundation windy.

So far, the kids R&R to-do list:


Guard Wife said...

Dinner sounds like it would have been a big hit! :)

Love that the kids have been able to start on their list!

We're still moving through Girl Scout cookie deliveries here as much 'fun.' :)

Buck said...

Ah, the bennies of living in SoCal. It's in the mid-20s as I peck this out, with an inch of new snow on the ground. Not exactly the WX to BBQ in...

We were windy as all get-out last night here, too. But not as bad as all y'all, at least from what I saw on The WX Channel. The wind did take down a dead tree about ten feet from my door, though. It managed to miss both me and the next door neighbor. Somebody up there loves us...

A Soldier's Wife..... said...

Gosh is it Girl Scout Cookie time again, seems like it just past....if I were near ya, I'd take some off your hands!!!!!

Glad to see R&R going well, too bad about you all being sick, hope you finish out the kid's list without Mom and Dad needing a vacation from the vacation.


Inquiries said...

I like your blog. Dinner does sound good.

Butterfly Wife said...

Sounds great. I can't wait to cook for someone other than me.