Thursday, January 31, 2008

E3's a rock star

Open house at E1's school was last night. It was fun to see all of the classrooms, and I mean ALL of the classrooms that E1 had to show us.
E2 was so excited to see the kindergarten she will be attending next year... OMG next year!
The science fair was on display in the adjacent auditorium, and E1 was so proud of what she had done. The science teacher was very impressed with her work, and had even used it as an example for some of the older kids.
With all of the students, teachers, parents, etc., E3 was having a blast. Chatting away in whatever language he has, just being a ham. Throngs of pre-teen and teenage girls flocked to him, and he loved it! ...and it wasn't just the girls.... boys said things like "this kid is so cool!"
When he walked into a room, kids would yell "Hey, E3!", (well actually, his real name, not E3)
He really has no problem with his ego at this point.

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trying said...

Sounds like it went well for everyone. and especially fantastic for E3! He sound adorable : )