Monday, May 19, 2008

mistaken identity

While waiting in line at the post office today, E3 began staring at the man behind us.
E3 looked up at him, then at me...
E3 pointed to the man and said "daddy?"

The guy did look a bit like Stuntman, and was wearing sunglasses and a baseball cap.

I told E3 that, no, that's not Daddy. I also told the guy that he did look a lot like my husband.
I don't know what everyone around us was thinking. There were a few inquisitive looks.

I didn't feel like explaining to everyone that my son has only seen his father for 3 weeks total in the last 15 months because Daddy was busy serving his country.

E2 just said "ya, he does look like Dad, but shorter"


Anonymous said...

Olivia has done this. She was about 18 months old and we had to go to the ID office at and there was a nice Soldier who sat next to me in his ACUs. She saw his pants - not his face - and immediately clung to his leg b/c her daddy has those same pants and then got extremely upset when he didn't pick her up. Finally she saw his face and tucked back into my lap. Now she just tells everyone in ACUs "you a Soldier boy just like my daddy. Carry on." The joys of being 3.

Sounds like E2's got it going on :)

LL said...

Oooooo, that one got me in the heart. You don't have to explain anything to anyone, sugar.

A Soldier's Wife..... said...

How heartbreaking for your son and for you...

My daughter used to do this when she was little because my husband was gone so much.....I think any man in an Army uniform got hit for her father...I often wondered what people thought about me....'oh there is the trampy spouse who apparently sleeps with the entire installaation because her daughter does not know who her father is' I like the comeback about him being shorter, kind of wrapped up the whole thing!

Susan said...

If we ever saw anyone in uniform, then E2 and E3 would probably think it's Daddy.

Inquiries said...

That made me tear up!

You don't have to explain anything to anyone.

Guard Wife said...

M2 used to do this quite a bit. Funny thing, though, *I* had moments like that myself; a whiff of cologne down the aisle at Target & I'd almost be convinced Hubs was around.

M2 was just starting to talk so it would be, 'Daddy? Daddy? Daddy? DADDY?!" all the while pointing. I can only imagine what those men thought; it was easier when they were in uniform, for sure. :)