Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sparky Dog

update on the Sparky Dog...
no major illnesses found, no tumors, most blood tests fine.
Her kidney function tests were elevated... could be the kidneys beginning to fail.
Now she has special low-protein food and a supplement.
Sparky has been the healthiest dog we have ever had. She's only been to the vet for her yearly checkups.

Now at feeding time, Roxie receives a special low-fat diet and vegetables, Sparky has her special low-protein food and supplement and Emma eats whatever she wants. It a virtual dog restaurant around here.


Ann M. said...

Glad that most things came back OK with SparkyDog. Hopefully this diet will really help.

Bon said...

Glad to hear Sparky, maybe just a little old age for her and the diet will help. Good news :)

Buck said...

Good news about Sparky... not so sure about the doggie cafe, though. ;-)

Butterfly Wife said...

Big hugs to sparky dog.